The Centre for Minority Rights and Strategic Litigation is a Charitable Trust incorporated under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Cap. 164 Of the Laws of Kenya.

Founded on 25th November 2017, CMRSL was launched by activists hitherto involved in the provision of legal aid and protection of the Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) communities on individual volunteer basis addressing challenges facing the GSM community; among them violence, discrimination, evictions and arbitrary arrests.

The existence of Section 162 of the Penal Code, Cap. 63 of the Laws of Kenya, and that which criminalizes same-sex relations, strict religious and cultural values in Kenya continue to fuel human rights violations against the GSM community.

The enactment of the 2010 constitution with robust provisions however created vast opportunities to challenge these discriminatory provisions and policies, as well as seek redress for these human rights violations against the GSM community.

CMRSL is focused on reducing discrimination and violence against GSM persons, enforce equality, dignity, inclusiveness, human rights and protection of GSM persons in Kenya, and in the whole, foster a society that upholds and protects human rights for all.

The Centre aims to achieve these through impact litigation, legal representation of GSM persons, advocacy and civil education.

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Civil Society organizations

Backing and supporting the repeal of Laws that criminalize consensual same sex relationships.

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Gender and Sexual Minority individuals

Who believe in the dream of equality and fairness for all, just like we do.

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